Anticipating a great 2005 — Whether your resolutions include getting out and meeting new people, or carving out some quality time for yourself, we can help. We have holiday Monday mini-workshops on Martin Luther King’s Day and President’s Day, check out the details in the attached newsletter. Spring yarns and season-spanning blends have started to arrive – think winter getaway projects. And of course, we have plenty of cuddly warm winter yarns to snuggle up with while the snow still blows. We wish you the very best in 2005 and look forward to seeing you all. — Janet and The Woolpack staff.
Monday Mini Workshops Jan. 17 and Feb 21
Jackets, Ponchos, Shawls and Accessories, Oh My!
Creations from Artful Yarns, from Jan. 14 thru Jan. 24
Come see Madame Matisse, Don Juan, Forty Second Street, Guys and Dolls OK, not the originals, but each shade of Artful Yarns has a unique name
Try your luck matching names to garments-correct guesses qualify for a 10% off coupon drawing